Will Restricting Online News Access Save Newspaper Industry

Online video is something we can’t get enough of these days. Go to YouTube and you’ll find million of videos at the tip of your fingers. Video production is happening everywhere and clips are getting almost as many views nowadays as a TV show does. But wasn’t always like this. There was a time when online video didn’t even exist! Yes, in 2001 there was no YouTube or Dailymotion or any of that sort.

With an internet exploding news online in recent years here come social media networks such as face book and twitter which provide boxing fans with a forum and ability to keep up with other fans and boxers. Undefeated American fighter, Floyd Mayweather understands the importance of using social media as well. His you tube videos are all over the internet. He is by far is the king of the Twitter with following approaching two million fans And I had my chest puffed up when a friend told me that I have almost eleven thousand followers. No one in the boxing world even comes close to Floyd Mayweather. Consider that Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya only has 136 thousand followers. Many Pacquiao has 300 thousand followers and Amir Khan has 350 thousand followers.

Consider the fact that liquid soap is simply soap in a different form, and instead of paying a fortune, take a bar of plain soap, grate it up, and mix it into a gallon jug of water! Voila! Liquid soap for only a few pennies! The last package of soap I purchased equalled in price of 40 cents per bar, so instead of paying several dollars for a bottle of liquid soap, pay 40 cents for a whole gallon instead!

Technorati has a cool feature called Technorati Watchlists. This allows you to search for whatever it is you want to search for. It is also one way people immediately know if someone links to them. The Watchlists have a RSS feed so you can get your searches via RSS feed.

A useful tool to use in determining the search volumes for keywords is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, I’ve covered this many times before in previous blogposts, it’s a great tool, quick, simple and free to use. You can type it in Google and it will be the first result that pops up. When accessing this tool you can then type in the word “azerbaycanda son xeberler“. You will see that it gets searched around 2,74 million times a month globally. Any keyword that has this many hits are usually very competitive and that means very difficult and time consuming to rank for.

Since people are now less likely to pay attention to ads on the old media than they were before, you need to be there for them online. But advertising online is not as easy as it seems. You need to make sure you target the right niche to ensure that your advertising dollars would go to work. Therefore, you need to have your products speak to the buyer.

My recommendation is if you want to reach the Gen X and Gen Y home buyer, make some videos, post them on both YouTube and on Facebook, link them to your website homepage, and to your blog, then get busy making new online friends in all the right forums.

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