Video: Abortion Clinic Suggests ‘Flushing’ Baby Down Toilet If Born Alive

Waiting room where the women were still waiting for their names to be called .,,,,,,, That little blond girl with the big blue eyes was still sitting there. I felt like I had to say something to comfort her . I told all the women in the waiting room THE ABORTION was easy, and simple. I wanted it be over. I left the clinic.

Before you go marching at the front steps of an klinik raden saleh clinic, look in your cupboards. Did you have bacon for breakfast? Then you too my friend have committed a sin in the bible. This verse speaks of the treatment of pigs, Leviticus 11:8, “You shall not eat of their flesh nor touch their carcasses; they are unclean to you.” That is right all pig farmers are also committing a sin. Once more, the point can not be stressed enough, every sin in God’s eyes is the same.

You can be your own person. With the right set of values to guide you you can Abortion clinic be that person living in that big house and driving that new car. Look around you. Which, of all the people you see, do you want to be.

Remember to give thanks to God for everything that happens to you- good, bad or indifferent. Thank you God. We cannot always explain or justify events in our lives. Why me? Why my best friend? Why my family? We don’t know. God knows why. Still give thanks to God for His Love is everlasting.

The first person begins by asking a question and the second person responds while, get this, the first person actually listens! You may not have this in your mind as the date begins, but it will make a positive first impression if you listen right away.

There were bright spots for Republicans. Voters sent a decidedly mixed message on Election Day. They oppose the growth of government and still dislike Obamacare. The middle class and the wealthy solidly supported Romney, as did independent voters. Most voters do not trust Obama to handle the economy. The election was not a wholesale rejection of Republican principles with the exception of one issue: immigration.

The Abortion issue rages on in the political world. Republicans seem to want to stop or slow down the numbers, while Democrats want to keep things just the way they are. Whatever side of the issue you find yourself, you must agree that unplugging life is not a means of birth control and the numbers of abortions are staggering.

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