Top 5 Pool Cleaner Problems

Having a swimming pool can not only make your property look good, it allows you to have a place to relax and cool off from the blazing heat. It can also be considered part of the landscaping on your property. You can choose any design that you want, as long as you have enough space for it.

I consider the managing director of ATS, Mr Gitambaram, my mentor. We were an Rs 25 lakh (Rs 2.5 million) organization and, after trying us out with a small project of about 12 lakhs (1.2 million), he gave us a contract to build 40 pools for ATS Village. That meant, we would be building one mega pool and 39 smaller pools in the penthouses and row houses.

Since we have the world of the internet at our disposal, you can always take a look at any bad reviews the particular city scapes pools and landscapes may have and decide later. If possible, ask the pool contractors to come to your house have a look at the exact spot where you want to build a swimming pool and then give you an estimate. Shopping properly will ensure that you end up with the best deals.

A do-it-yourself installation can cost you a relatively more affordable amount. You shell out around $12,000-30,000. You should have enough construction experience before you start installing a pool on your own, however. A botched installation can cause you to spend higher than the projected amount.

Since swimming pools can be more beautiful with added features, you may also order decorative accessories. But it is suggested that pool owners should focus more on the safety policies your local authorities and most places implement particularly for kids safety by constructing well-built fences. Other reasons why you should consider studying the costs are the chemicals and water system to be used for your pool. These are very important aspects as it concerns you and your family’s health. Additional cost includes lighting and maintenance to keep the pool safe and free of insects, mosquitoes and debris.

Read the warranty carefully with the builder and ask questions. Ask what is not warranted and why. After you’ve seen a couple of warranties side by side, the questions will become much easier.

Read contracts. Understand the things that you are getting into. In laying out contract agreements, make sure that everything is presented in papers. A contract is made to protect you and the pool building company so be sure to read everything and understand every single detail before signing. Once the construction has started, it would be difficult to cancel it, particularly if it involves several contractors and substantial amount of cash. While securing the visual look of your swimming pool, remind the one building your pool to get into mechanical aspects like the pipe size, hydraulic design, filter types and the flow rate of water. These details are important for make a pool function at its highest efficiency.

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