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If you yearn for a life, which is tough in nature, which makes you tough, physically and mentally and gives you a chance to serve your motherland, you can think of army jobs as an option. If you are a citizen of India and are physically and mentally fit, army jobs can be a very good option for you. The best thing about being in the Army is the fact that you can dedicate your life for your motherland. If you are patriotic and wish to protect your country from any internal as well as external threats then army jobs are for you. There is no denying that fact that India is not in a safe neighborhood. Army jobs can allow you to tour India and live at various places. You may be posted in Leh, Gangtok, Tawang etc. Your job is to protect the integrity of the Indian Union.

“Oh mother, how many times I have told you that this will not do here. It is not permitted here. You are an educated woman. Last time I had allowed you but it does not mean that you should take it for granted”.

I had occasion to test one such weapon. The weapon is sturdy and has a barrel length of 76.2mm. The weapon is quite light and weighs only 700gm. It uses 0.32 Smith and Wesson 7.62 caliber cartridges.

A first look at the weapon does not please the eye. You can see the shoddy finish of the weapon and the engravings are effected in a crude manner. The revolver details and number could have been etched in a better way. Attention to the finer points of the weapon is sadly lacking. I compared it with the original Webley and the shoddy piece of workmanship of the IOF weapon clearly stands out.

Understand your goal i.e. NDA. Make yourself familiar with the syllabus and the tentative dates of the exam. Plan your weekly schedule and cover each topic.

My father got me enrolled in Army, by requesting army officers. Because my father has also been served in Indian Army Registration. My health and body was not in the position in doing army job. My father told me do not tell any body about your problem. When you do daily exercise and eat meat, your health will be all right.

John Masters creates a heady cocktail of romance against the back ground of approaching independence with the British war weary and fighting on two fronts. The heroine of the novel is a 28 year Anglo Indian girl Victoria Jones of mixed Indian and European blood who is searching for an identity in the changing times. In this search she falls in love and is engaged to another Anglo Indian. But her restlessness and search for identity leads her to love a Sikh. But Masters poignantly brings out the cultural difference as the girl is expecting to be kissed by the Sikh which does not take place. She also gets into a relationship with a British army officer Colonel Savage. These relationships are excellently probed and presented by Masters.

As can be seen, 1984 was a pivotal year in furthering what we now look back upon as the “1980s image,” for so many reasons. The year saw the reelection of a very popular President Reagan, the introduction of the Macintosh computer, and the expansion of an economy that would continue to render much of the expanding opulence that fits hand in glove with the concept of high-living that many in the 1980s experienced. Watch as the decade enters its second half as you continue reading The 1980s.

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