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I was invited to a special eco friendly dinner recently. The meal was cooked on an open fire stove with fish caught on a local river grilled on the fire. Tomatoes and rice were fried together with an onion and herbs. We discussed eco friendly gifts to give.

Always check brakes on both the pre-trip inspection and the post-trip inspection. Address any leaks right away. Also make sure that the compressor and the alarm for low pressure are all working properly.

Even though there are some brave souls that would attempt to try to fix their own car without the proper training, you should not do so with the instrument.

Today we lead busy lives and the temptation is to send a gift voucher, too lazy to think about what the person would like or not enough time to shop. The clothes airer is ideal for busy mums, flat dwellers, university or college hall of residence, the blind, aged and infirm, those who are housebound or living in dark insecure places.

When traveling south for the winter you want to take all the precautions that you can to prevent broken water lines. To come home from vacation to find that your pipes have burst is a nightmare that no one wants to face. Broken water lines can ruin your floors and articles in your home not to mention ruining your appliances. Not only taking the precautionary measurements of bleeding your water lines you should have someone in line to check on your home from time to time to make sure that everything is in good order. Follow the steps listed below to assure that your pipes will not break over the winter months.

radiadores automotrices are old technology, and have been used for generations. The reason they still exist today, and even in new styles, is because no other technology has been introduced that is more efficient. If heating a building is your goal, radiator heating is the most effective way to do it. If cooling an engine is what you need, there is no more effective way to do so than with a radiator.

The first thing we all need to do is to increase the loft insulation (if you have one) to at least 270mm. This is really cheap to do, is very quick to facilitate and will stop your precious heat from escaping through the roof. If you feel inclined to, you can also insulate between the rafters for added protection. Just remember to leave gaps near the soffits to allow for air circulation as you could cause condensation if you don’t.

They can be used both commercially and residentially in buildings that have heating and cooling loads. When heat is required, the water is sent to a boiler and heat is dispersed to the loads. If cooling is needed instead, then the water is sent to a chiller or heat rejecter and is distributed to the loads where it is needed. Water pumps are able to simultaneously provide heating and cooling to different loads.

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