Promoting Your Art Business – Blogging The Right Way

Blogging has taken the internet by storm. It has since changed the entire landscape of the web, as well as the communication image. The changes have been drastic but good for the new level of interactivity that it has caused through the blog.

People are also making money online blogging. If you have been involved in blogging for a while you know how popular they are. There are companies that will pay you to post their advertisements on your blog. This is not an area that I am real familiar with, but I do know people that are making good money doing this.

Twitter – Twitter has a “Find People” category that allows you to locate your email contacts that may already be using Twitter. You are given 140 characters to shout out what is going on in your world today.

I have seen one long lasting projects that required almost $500 per month, but the info and services were worth over $2000 each and people made far more than that. But it wasn’t for everyone.

Blogging Tip #4: Interact with Other Popular blogs in Your Niche. The most effective way to do this is by commenting on other popular I love gaming in your niche. Make your posts relevant. Don’t just post to post. This is pointless and is a waste of time. Use the space to leave helpful, relevant feedback.

Advertising- Without advertising your blog, no one will know you have one. You can start a Google AdSense campaign in order to draw people to your page. This works incredibly well for a lot of people. You can even advertise your blog on classified sites where people that are having troubles can go and read your story.

Stay Consistent. Remember you topic(s) when writing content. But you can offer some unrelated or general topics occasionally. This serves to broaden your blog’s appeal.

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