Meal For One: Fish Tacos

California is a Mecca for those seeking fabulous food, and the Los Angeles area has a wide array of dining experiences to choose from. Savvy diners go to the Santa Monica area for a combination of great food paired with a fun seaside experience.

Are you tired of looking at your grilled dish bathing in oils? As much as you cannot stand its sight, simply imagine how much more can your stomach endure such excessive amount of cholesterol. Good news for you need not be burdened by such concern with george foreman grill selection. And, there’s absolutely more from its healthy cookery that you are about to discover. George Foreman Grill: Cheers To Healthy Grilling!

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As an adult, burgers were simple. Grab some taco recipes at the local store and put it on the grill for backyard cookouts. They were always good, but I was in a constant battle to recreate that fond childhood memory for my family and friends. Then it became an obsession. We visited all of the burger chains, both big and small. Some were good, actually very good; but not spectacular, and not worthy of my lifelong memory of The Event.

Next question, “Should any of the “common folk” care about the CPI index, and why”? Answer: You bet – everyone should care. In particular, senior citizens living on Social Security checks. Also, the AARP (formerly called, American Association for Retired Persons) should be very concerned and outspoken about CPI statistics. Their mission is supposedly to help seniors overcome financial problems. And, a declining purchasing power of Social Security payments ought to be on top on their list of concerns.

Al Carbon Fajitas are a great alternative to tacos res or burritos. The steak fajita has a mere 300 calories and the chicken has even less with only 230 calories. The steak fajita has 15 grams of fat while the chicken has 5. The steak has 30 grams of 30 protein and 2 grams of fiber. The chicken has 36 grams of protein with 2 grams of fiber.

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Toga – One of the more popular ideas for theme party is the toga party. Dress like the ancient Greeks in bed sheet and light plenty of candles to illuminate the room. Make sure you’re playing classical music. A favourite amongst students due to it’s simplicity but don’t underestimate the fun you’ll have.

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