Make Your Fantasy Come True With Dvd Duplication And Cd Duplication

Burning CDs from your desktop computer can be leaned in less than 5 minutes. Heck, almost anybody can do it! Aside from that, the prices of CD duplication equipment (aka CD burners) are also going down, down, down that almost anyone can buy it. Now if you just buy some cheap CDs and cases and a good printer, you’re good to go.

Never burn your own disc on your home computer with a sticky label. It doesn’t look professional, just cheap. When you need a small amount of copies, duplicate them. When you need a large number of copies, it’s cheaper to replicate them. It even looks more professional. (For example, if you have a 1000, you should go with replication.

When burning your CD master using standard software such as Nero or Toast, use the ‘Disc-at-Once’ mode so all the data/music is transferred to the disc in one go. And make sure the disc is finalised (closed or fixated) before ejecting.

The artwork is usually the cause of delay. As I’ve said, you should prepare the artwork beforehand. This doesn’t only include the picture and the text, there are lots of concerns when making album artwork. You have to make sure that you follow the template (with the right dimensions) of the case you’ll be using. You can ask the cd duplication knoxville tn house of their templates and send it to your designer. You might also need to ask your distributor of their standards in packaging and whether they have additional requirements.

You might need one CD burned, but since you might run into the trouble of the disk not being a top-notch disk, you might want multiple burned so at least one of the disks will work.

It has a little similarity to ReverbNation with a little widget you can place on your social networks, your websites, etc to promote your music and live shows. But it also allows for physical CD Sales like CDBaby WITH the additional ability to print-on-demand with no minimums and fulfillment! Whoa. This is huge. And if you are an a label selling a lot of product, you can order in bulk and they’ll warehouse and fulfill all your orders.

It sounds like a lot (and I certainly didn’t start out that way), but believe me, at that time just my 3 virtual assistants saved me SO much time, at least 117 hours per month, so I could work on what I do best. That’s almost 3 weeks’ worth of 9-hour days, not even counting lunch or bathroom breaks, and I’m only counting 3 of those people, not the entire team.

Make another list of your strengths and then one of your weaknesses (it’s OK, we all have ’em). Begin to focus on delegating your weaknesses and anything that’s not Client Attraction and client work. You’ll begin to see a MAJOR difference in your re-venues, often as early as within a couple of weeks. When you see more money coming in, you’ll want to outsource ALL you can and it’ll become a game really worth playing. You make mo.re, play more. Everyone wins.

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