Kitchen Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

An electric can opener is one equipment that will surely help to make your job in the kitchen or anywhere else easy and efficient. The equipment has a wheel that will help you open the can. But you have to remember that you need to take good care of the equipment. This will ensure that it will last for a long period of time. There are some tips that will surely help you.

Plug-in air fresheners. For years we were happy with air fresheners that simply evaporated. How easy is that? Now, we have plug-in air fresheners that heat up the material to vaporize it. The use of electricity doesn’t make the product any better, it just appears to be higher technology. Worse yet, since you need an outlet to operate it, the design of the gadget limits where it can be placed in a room.

Down with pull-tab cans, they are putting our loyal friends out of work, and slowly sending them to that big junkyard in the sky. So join with me friends, let us put a stop to this madness. When you do your shopping only buy cans that must be opened with a can opener. Do not fall for the convenience propaganda they are feeding us!

If you notice a spike in your bill, have your home checked out. It might cost you a small lump sum to have a professional look at your electrical wiring, but it is usually worth it in the long run to locate a problem, especially if you live in an older home. Sometimes faulty or damaged wiring can cause electricity to be wasted by going to a bad breaker or causing the good wiring to work overtime. Never hesitate to ask your company to check your meter if you think the bill is unusually high. You can also get a print out from the company showing the amount of electricity the meter recorded being used over a period of time and pinpoint what points in the day the most electricity is used.

Actually having all your serving and cooking utensils with bigger handles allows you to have an easier grip. With not having to squeeze your hands too tight on utensils, you can be more pain free from arthritis.

It doesn’t matter if you’re cleaning your under counter can opener or the manual can opener. A toothbrush can clean both. For your electric can opener, you’re cleaning the blade with alcohol and for the manual can opener… you can use warm, soapy water. Again the toothbrush bristles can get where your sponge can’t.

28. Erase every trace: Many people will find this useful, especially if they have kids who think that the walls are their personal canvas. If markers was the choice of the artist, then mist hairspray on the colored area and wipe off immediately. However, if crayons were the choice of the artist, then scrub the colored area with a toothpaste-filled toothbrush. These simple tricks will erase any trace of your little artist’s work.

When you or a loved one have problems doing common, everyday things because of a health issue, a little information and a few resources can go a long way to making life more enjoyable.

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