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The wireless industry changes every few years. Evolving from analog to digital to smart phones to wireless data. We see Apple iPhone and Google Android capturing the headlines and now the next big unknown, Harbinger.

It’s easy to get caught up in the circles of your business community, but let’s face it…the only thing your Network Marketing company is really responsible for is to provide you with products to sell, then pay you when you sell them. With this in mind, most of the training techniques they provide are more focused on increasing their overall sales rather than teaching each distributor how to be the scott levy fuel online of their own company. This isn’t saying that they don’t want you too succeed. There is no doubt that the more you sell, the more they make. If the average drop-out rate is over 95%, then what exactly is it that they are leaving out of the equation, and why? Here are the four main components that companies will probably never teach you.

All new businesses struggle to get started. Even well established businesses have their ups and downs. Even when it seems hopeless and everything is going wrong, don’t give up. You will find that your greatest triumphs will come when you think all is lost.

The hit of the Keynote was Gears of War 3. It is a beautiful looking game no doubt, and if the past 2 installments are any indication, GoW3 will be a fun time. But Gears also underscores what was really wrong with the Microsoft Keynote. Too many numbers after titles, and not enough original IP. I mean, was the world really asking for a remastered Halo? Or is it another way to deliver content on the cheap?

Keep a written record on each employee. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a folder where you can jot down notes when Sally does something exceptional or when you have to discuss Bob’s tardiness. Keep copies of any “attaboys” your staff gets, too. It’s easy to forget things that happened eleven months ago and then end up basing the evaluation on the work of the past month.

In my personal opinion, it’s realistically possible for someone to sell around 50 electronic books per month once they have the knowledge they need. If the publication is priced at around $17, that’s gross sales of $850 per month. What’s really exciting is that you can actually sell a lot more than just 50. This isn’t like running a traditional business where you need to keep “store hours” or otherwise be present to personally process an order when someone decides to make a purchase. All that stuff is handled by the systems I’m going to show you how to setup and have working for you. That means you can be out playing golf, enjoying time with friends and family, or doing just about anything else. It’s a highly automated business.

Group coaching is even better because you can pull on the strengths of the various coaches. You will also find several that you feel more comfortable working with which may not be the case if you work with just one coach.

The better explanation you get from the copywriter, the better end-result you will probably get. It’s important to take your time on this step because hiring a copywriter is a 30-60 day job. Also, you want to choose someone that you can hire again and again. And in the end, you want to work with someone that you know, like, and trust, don’t you?

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