Home Security And Fire Protection

“There’s no place like home,” but did you know that there are dangers lurking in your home? No, I’m not talking about dust mites; I’m referring to things like fires and falls – incidents that can be avoided by following these simple tips.

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Yes, they were lucky, and it is better to wait for professionals to do their job. Taking a risk of your own life is not a good idea. Just think about the people who are banking on you for a living. Family matters the most, and you have to think about them first.

Floor and Wall safes are more costly, but can be worth the money if you have high priced valuables. Both types of safes should be installed in your home by a professional. The wall safe will go into your wall and then can be easily hidden behind a mirror or painting. Floor safes are installed right into your floor and can be easily hid by a carpet.

Fire extinguishers: There are different types for different fires. The kitchen, garage, and workshop should be equipped with an extinguisher rated B-C. This type is most effective on grease, oil, appliances, electrical outlets, and circuit breakers. This type is filled with powder or foam. An extinguisher rated A-B-C should be equipped in the rest of the house. This type is effective on paper, wood, cardboard, and most plastics, along with the effectiveness of the B-C type. However, an A-B-C type leaves a sticky residue that can be damaging to electrical appliances such as a computer. It is recommended that one extinguisher be on each level of flooring in a home.

People who practice natural health tend to buy live Christmas trees as opposed to plastic. Nothing compares to the wonderful scent of fresh pine that fills the home and evokes memories of childhood Christmas past. Steps must be taken to ensure the experience is a happy one.

Summer should be fun. Pools and BBQs are among the best parts of the season, but there is no reason to not be safe. Now that you know the dangers and the precautions you can take, ENJOY!

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