Girlfriend Getaways – Bahamas, Here We Come!

Atlanta and I have a love:hate relationship. We always have, ever since I first moved here in 2003. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in a big city. I’ve had friends I visited very frequently who live deep in the country, and I myself grew up in very small English villages / small American towns. I much prefer a large city for my day to day life. But, let’s be honest with ourselves. The traffic, the noise, the rush – it can get to you after a while. Sometimes you have to say “enough’s enough” and just get out of the city for a few days.

A: NO! NEVER, EVER PAY AN UPFRONT FEE! We have Sellers who, after paying even $800 – $1,500 in upfront fees that never resulted in a sale of their timeshares, come to us and we sell their timeshares for them and NEVER charge them an upfront fee.

Type – A number of cruise lines offer you themed cruise ships or even ones made for a special group of people. These ordinarily will cost more than cruises available to the general public.

Not your typical romantic getaway, New Orleans is more than just Mardi Gras and Burbon Street. There are many things for couples to do. If you enjoy history or jazz, then this city is for you. Tour many of the area’s plantations. Go shopping in the French Quarter. Sit down in Jackson Square and listen to the jazz players. Looking for adventure? Take a boat ride down the bayou, take the river boat around the city, or even take one of the haunted tours. New Orleans is a great southern city with lots of hidden charm.

It is time to generate that list of summer projects you want to complete this year. Time to start planning those weekend Getaways in England or even day outings. I don’t know about every one else but I get excited when summer is approaching. Love to get outdoors and not be bundled from head to toe.

How much weight can you lose over a Weekend getaways? That really isn’t the point here. Primarily, you learn how to engage in enjoyable activities that are on foot in scenic environments like the beaches of Florida, California, even South Carolina. Maybe you go to a secluded mountainous area to hike and get away from it all.

If you don’t want to cook, you can head over to some of the nearby beach bars or restaurants to enjoy July Fourth festivities. Ocean Breeze Lounge and Tapas Grill, located directly on the intercoastal on Blind Pass road in between St. Pete Beach and Treasure Island is having a Fourth of July Celebration that includes BBQ, live entertainment, and dancing.

The great thing is that if you get a flight, you can be there and on your way to your hotel in little more than an hour or so. This certainly beats getting in the car and facing a long trip to the nearest dreary seaside resort in the UK, which is what a lot of people have tended to do in the past.

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