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NYC Brownstones Harlem – Living in Harlem

In Harlem There are lots of brownstones. Brownstones are a staple for their popularity in New York City and many homeowners are looking to move into these homes. These houses come in a variety of sizes and shapes from duplexes up to seven-floor townhouses which include elevators. There is a variety of prices too! Experience the suburban life of the city by browsing to see these gorgeous homes that are which are up for auction near you!

What is a brownstone mansion?

Brownstone mansions were popular in the 19th century, and some of the most famous people in history lived in them. The houses are typically three stories high, and include a an attic as well as a basement. The exterior is coated in either granite or limestone. The style has seen a revival in recent times to appeal to those looking for a classic style home that is cheaper than a single family mansion.

Brownstones were discovered in New York City

Brownstones offer a distinctive New York City housing option. Contrary to traditional row houses, brownstones are attached dwellings that have three stories as well as a storefront at the lower floor. Brownstones usually have a fire escape that is an external stairs to the upper floors. These are set outside of the building to ensure safety.

The past of brownstones

Brownstones are a type of residential building that were prominent in NewYork City’s Harlem neighborhood in earlier 1900s. The first was constructed by the architect Andrew Jackson Downing, who designed the brownstone to be “a uninterrupted ribbon of town-houses” that would surround the city. Brownstones are distinguished by brick and masonry fa├žades, fences along line of the lot, step-down stoops and exteriors that are earth toned. They became very popular with middle-class families due to their affordability, energy efficiency and small size.

Why do we live in Harlem?

Harlem is an amazing spot for those who love culture, art and historical aspects. The vibrancy of the city creates a perfect living space. Furthermore, it is close to many popular cultural places like those of Apollo Theater and Studio Museum in Harlem.

What’s it like living in a brownstone?

Brownstones come with a lot of character and charm others homes do not possess. This, in turn, will increase the cost of property taxes. But, the closeness to transportation, schools as well as culture is worth the cost. For instance, you’re 2 blocks from Central Park or 5 blocks from Columbus Circle where high-end shopping is located.

Brownstone prices, and why they’re so expensive

Brownstones in Harlem can be very costly because due to the amazing location they provide. In the event that you are looking for the perfect place to live or an investment opportunity and grow your portfolio, brownstones within Harlem are a great idea. There is always congestion on the streets, which means it’s easy to locate parking. In addition, there’s always an abundance of places to eat and drink nearby.


The blog has given a brief history of Harlem’s neighborhood, and has also highlighted its positive aspects. It’s worth noting that the 1984 Harlem Renaissance resulted in an explosion of culture in Harlem. This blog post offers an overview of what it’s like live in Harlem, with an emphasis on the degree of pride the residents take in their community.

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