Affordable Looks For Summer 2009

The “Keep Austin Weird” motto extends to Austin Texas consignment shops. My affordable fashion article remains a valid source if you are looking for Austin area consignment stores. This companion piece updates that article with additional consignment shops in Austin Texas along with an update to the best consignment shop in town.

Whenever you are considering purchasing a bag, ask yourself whether it would look good with your wardrobe. Think about the color that you wear most. If it’s something neutral like white or black, you can get any color or pattern you want. Just stay away from brown or navy. If your wardrobe is colorful, you might want to look for bags that are neutral-colored like beige, black, or white. Also think about what kind of Parachute Eccentricity material you like. Most people buy leather handbags, but there are also great handbags made out of other materials such as cotton or even acrylic.

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For the Greater Good. With hard-to-find high-end designers such as Nom de Guerre and Commes de Garcon coming this fall, there is nothing in D.C. quite like Adams Morgan’s For the Greater Good. Owners Larry Incognito and Omar Quimbao, known for their original Florida Avenue outpost, Commonwealth, showcase mature, subtle pieces with an urban edge. The minimally decorated shop allows the clothing to speak for itself. And speak it does. The tightly edited selections which include knits from Shades of Greige selvedge denim from APC and tech jackets from dù lệch tâm giá rẻ Acronym all effortlessly beckon to shoppers. Be ready to spend, though, with prices reaching $500 for a pair of jeans (Japanese denim, no less). 1781 Florida Ave., NW.

D.M.:I believe it’s your personality added with your sense Parachute eccentricity of style in being open to what fashion has to offer. At the same time being open to change, for example trying the spring trend of minimalism with pops of color but at the same time respecting your own personal style.

This shop is pretty much an Austin institution. It’s been around since 1983 and occupies 3,200 square feet in Northwest Austin. You can bring your whole family with you since they sell not only women’s clothing, but young men’s, juniors, and children’s too. The clothing racks are well organized, but packed so you may have to dig a bit to find your treasures.

Finally blue. This color is easy because there is so much variety: navy, teal, pastels, etc. But let’s try a punchy blue, something that will cure your winter blues. Try this blouse from Top Shop. It’s soft and feminine and I think you could wear it year round. Another option is to try a blue shoe. I picked this suede pump with a ruffle detail. I like the mid-heel height and the rounded toe.

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