7 Top Internet Business Opportunities For 2011

So it’s no surprise when I was immediately drawn to Katie Freiling’s recent post, “A 2 Minute Strategy To Get Your Content To The Top of Google… Fast!”. If you haven’t heard about Google’s Social Circle yet, her short post and brief training tutorial not just piques your curiosity but makes you go, “wow, I want that!”. I like how Katie emphasizes the fact that you don’t need to do any extra marketing to drive traffic and leads.

After all these preparations have been produced you are able to now write your personal blog. Make sure they’re well written so men and women will get hooked. Ensure that you will find no errors in grammar. Sound credible. Make your content articles really informative.

Another benefit of being part of a ski club is the exclusivity associated with it. As said earlier, there are exclusive perks given to their members. But beyond the perks, there is exclusivity in the sense that your social profile as a skier is raised. Being a part of a club means you’ll be with like-minded people who share the same interests with you. What’s more, depending on the profile of your club, it can even lead you to new contacts within the skiing scene.

Now, you’re pumped. In addition to writing more articles for your blog, you create two other blogs and you expand those in the same way you did the first blog. And while you’re at it, you decide to allow some ads into your first blog.

Make a list of forums, groups, magazines, anything that your target audience may be a part of or reading. Figure out how you can be a part of their community. Secondly spend a few minutes a day hanging out in their community and seeing what kind of questions they have and maybe even answer a few questions here or there. You may even find content for a Visit my profile post.

Try to post to your blog every day. You’ll probably go through a time after a week or two of posting in which you’ll have a hard time coming up with something fresh and new. This is easy enough to remedy; just read around on forums and other blogs related to your niche, and set up a few Google Alerts relevant to your blog topic so that the latest news in your industry will be sent right to your inbox.

Try becoming a virtual gold farmer and make money online. Though most consider that this option is best suited for the Chinese, yet others can also make money when working in association with a virtual economy.

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