Rat Extermination-Simple

The ordinary mouse trap, and its larger version. the rat trap, have been around for over 100 years. Just about every homeowner uses one or the other of these devices for mouse control or rat eradication at one time or another. The most familiar and least expensive kinds of mouse traps and rat traps are snap traps, snapping down on the neck of the rodent and killing it quickly without need of electricity, harmful chemicals, or poisons.

I got home and checked all the hiding places again and not knowing where he was, decided to hold off on the poison and make another trip to the hardware store for some of the larger sticky traps for rats as that is what worked the last time. I picked up four of the big ones, blocked off the kitchen door way with them, baited them with peanut butter and a piece of bread stuck on top. Three covered the space in the door way so I placed the forth on the top stair, just in case he was in the basement.

Rodents tend to set move in wherever they can find plenty of food and water. Even though you may find that the predominant rodent problem is centrally located in your yard, garage, or outbuilding, it is still necessary to look around your home in the areas described above and take the preventative measures needed.

So, what is this “RottelĂ„s” that I’m talking about? Well, the easiest way to describe it is by example. John Doe wants to start a home business but he doesn’t really know what it is that he wants to do. So he goes to a home business forum to see what other people are doing. He happens to notice that a lot of people are into site flipping. Site flipping is where you get a domain, put some content on it and then sell the site off. John thinks this sounds pretty cool so he decides that’s what he’s going to do.

Hugo seems to have found and embraced his role. Thank God! It is a role that the rest of us in the world need for him to play. That is why he is here; but not to DO what he is “doing” as much as what he is doing allows him to BE what he must BE! And he is being Hugo, magnificently.

Drop moth balls into the tunnels. This also comes under the heading of making the moles environment very nasty so the neighbors yard looks even better.

Then I will start collecting thousand times the pittance I spent by intimidating (or a better term will be blackmailing) presidential-hopefuls for giving my vote.

It is not nice to plant moles into your friends and neighbors yards. If you are able to successfully trap a live mole, remove it from the neighborhood. Someplace out in the woods well away from houses and yards is a good plan.

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