Photoshop – Using A Layer Mask To Blend Two Images

Before you do, just realize all the uses it still has. Yep, there’s much more that old toothbrush can still do before it finally retires to the garbage can.

Now, what is there that you can do to avoid blurred photographs when the wind is blowing? Set your camera to a smaller f-stop. Then, increase the ISO to photograph the surrounding landscape. Also, use the slow shutter speed when capturing the waterfall itself.

As this whole endeavor was a spur-of-the-moment one, I had no assistant. So I grabbed my camera (Canon 1ds MKIII with a 16 to 35mm zoom lens) in one hand and a can of compressed air in the other. While looking through the camera I simultaneously fired the camera while shooting off a blast of air into the face powder. Hey, it kind of worked! I did it again. And again. Then I had to get up and leave the room so I could breathe!

By using all of these layers of information with Data Masking Tool and different opacity brushes you not only have an extreme latitude to work with your images, but you also have the flexibility to come back and alter or edit your creation.

You can use gimp as well but it might take a little longer. Open up a new file and make sure the height matches that of your photographs. Change the width to something extremely wide. Put all your images into one file so you can work with them easily. Make sure you can see what you are doing so change the opacity to two0 percent. Align the features of your first photograph with those of your second photograph. This is where the overlaying comes in handy. Once you have done the first and the second image you can do this for the rest of the images. Eventually you should end up with one long panoramic picture.

Though the earnings of this image have dropped considerably, way back in the day, it earned some good money. I would guess my total returns for this image is in the neighborhood of $15,000.00.

The styles discussed here form only a very small subset of the powerful textual effects you can create using Photoshop. In fact, your own imagination is the only limitation, when you create Photoshop styled text. Look out for the illustrated version coming up on the Northern View.

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